Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Form of Karma

Awhile ago I made a 5 piece collection for an esteemed gallery and this is another follow up piece to that collection.

With this piece I was interested to see what an increase in scale would do to it's asthetic and kinetic movement.  So a much larger rear finial of 8" was created.

The finial needed to be robust enough to support the upper bowl form in Sycamore, which measures 9.5" across and 2" thick.  This piece needs approximately 2 feet of surface to gently role round and round on.  It has a very gently but purposeful movement to it and it is fascinating watching it come to it's own perfectly balanced point.

The pyrography work is done in my own live, unplanned and organic fashion.  I love the thought of risking the piece before applying the pyro work.  Each design is spontaneous and therefore free flowing, loose and impressionistic.

A simple coat of boiled linseed oil gives a natural lift to this lovely wood, gently buffed it highlights the occasional ripple.

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  1. Hi lee

    I like these very much as you know, I enjoy nudging mine from time to time it is a very restful piece to watch.

    keep up the good work.

    take care


  2. I'm beginning to appreciate what you mean by refinement. I will do another as I have plenty ideas to explore with this from.

  3. For me it all comes back to beginners mind with each piece, infact with each cut of the gouge and how each of these cuts is on an individual basis. It is important to look at each stage and movement with an excited fresh mind, then all of the BS of how good we think we are is stripped away and we can look at refining our work on a much deeper level than the superficial technical basis.

    A long time ago in my studies of Aikido I learnt that the more I acheived progressed then the more I had to refine until eventually the tools become an extension of the mind and we are at one with the form and our true identity within it. We then start to realise the beauty of connection and being at one with what we do, all the ego is stripped away and it is just as it is.

    Even when it goes wrong, it is how it is.