Monday, February 28, 2011

4 Days Later...

Concept Kinetic has moved on 4 days since originally being turned and nature is definately continuing with this piece.  It was always part of my original intention to explore the idea of kinetic movement, this is the main reason for choosing green wood.  To allow nature the opportunity to 'finish' the piece, so to speak, was always part of my initial goals for this work.

You may appreciate some images below that show how nature is still very much in control of this piece.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Concept Kinetic

I am working on a piece at present that is both conceptual and kinetic.  The concept being that of a solid form that can also have kinetic energy. 

The rough form has been turned from green wood and is in the process of drying.

I have chosen both the piece of wood and it's wet state to turn, the hope being that the already expanding cracks etc. will enhance and add to the finished piece.

As it stands, the piece is not complete but part of the concept is to alow it to move and change of it's own accord.  Thus also forcing the piece to go through the potential/kinetic energy battle.  My hope is that the piece will still remain close to it's current shape afterwards, but only time will tell.

The final piece, once dry, will have a coloured stain applied as the grain of this natural wood is not particularly appealing.  In the meantime here are a few short videos displaying the kinetic aspects of the piece:

Abstract Sculpture Mk II

Having recently discovered the work of Peter Rand I decided to make an off centre sculpture with influences from his style:

This piece was turned on 3 different centres in order to create a triangular shape to the overall form.  Peter Rand creates Tryptic Figures so I wanted to do something similar, the intention being to have a somewhat human or figure like quality to the piece.

Having achieved this overall form I chose to sand the piece heavily with 60grit sandpaper.  This ensured a nice rounded and smoothe feel to the form.  I then used a wire brush to add a very small and subtle texture to the piece.  This gives the piece a look of leather or animal skin such as an Elephant/Rhino.

Staining was carried out on the piece to create a feeling of warmth/heat.

The piece also has a very thin base which has been sanded slightly off centre, this allows the piece to have a slight lean and can be gently pushed to create a kinetic 'wobble'!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tibetan Singing Bowl

I recently purchased some wood blanks of a larger depth to allow me to create the form I want for these bowls.

Very pleased with this one as it now reflects my imagined form into reality.  I am still finding a lot of pleasure in creating these bowls as I can now focus more clearly in turning the form I desire while combining spindle work to create the stand and gong.

However, it is also common place to have these bowls resting on a small cushion.  I think the next one will be more artistic and will also include a small, handmade cushion to rest upon.  Below are a few examples of the sort of thing I am referring to and plan to create for the my next piece.

Friday, February 11, 2011

What to do now?

I am now 'unemployed' and one thing I feel for sure is that this current state makes me feel 'unemployable'.  However, I am not affected by this fleeting state and have been given an opportunity to appreciate the love I have in my life.  And there's a LOT!

I realise that this may have little to do with woodturning, but I have also discovered my genuine interest in Buddhism.  The connection between the two is not apparent at first.  So I began to realise a new direction with my work.

This has led me on a new path and one that I am very happy following.  In essence I have recently taken to producing artistic interpretations of the classical Tibetan Singing Bowl.  An example of which can be seen in the top image.

Below are two examples of my efforts so far.  They adequately contain my skills, creativity and artistic ability with woodturning whilst at the same time my thoughts and meandering musings on Buddhism and the classical Tibetan Singing Bowl.