Thursday, November 25, 2010

Something Different

Thought I'd post a picture of a recent commission I undertook.

Something very different to what I normally do but it was a great pleasure to work with a fine piece of wood. 

This is a natural edge burr elm cheeseboard, one that the client is very happy with. 

It was very pleasing to work with a piece off the lathe for a change.  A whole different approach is required and it was great to be able to exercise my creative side in a different way.

Working with Oak

The above piece is a simple, shallow bowl in Oak measuring 145mmx35mm.

Most of the kiln dried blanks I purchase are commonly Oak or Elm, and I have recently been enjoying working with Oak more than most types of wood.  Primarily, I really like the grain pattern in Oak.  The criss crossing of the grain structure is very appealing to me and find it more interesting than the simplistic lines often found in Elm for example.

I am also finding much pleasure in the turning of Oak.  While it is a fairly hard wood to turn I find it quite forgiving and haven't had too many problems achieving a good finish.  Although there is always room for improvement in this often rushed and unfocussed process.

There is a great feeling of concentration when I am working with a blank of Oak.  I am beginning to learn the early stages of design when orientating the blank on the lathe.  However, sometimes I choose to go with the flow and am often surprised by the results.