Wednesday, June 8, 2011

3 Fellas Felling Trees

I had the pleasure the other day of watching 3 tree surgeons at work.

We have a piece of public land near the front of our house and recently the high winds caused a lot of damage to the trees in this area.  It was fascinating to watch them work and I managed to snap a view photos.
They had an excellent set up with a £24,000 chipper attached to the back of there van, chipping straight into the back:
While the other guys scrambled up the trees to thin out the branches:
Anyway, 1 cup of coffee, 2 cups of tea and 3 pieces of fruit later, the owner tells me about his love for wood turned objects etc.  Aha! says I, when your finished why don't you pop in to the house and help yourself to a piece or 3.  Much time later, after the guys helped to remove a felled tree in my back garden, chip all the rubbish and generally being very helpful, I gave Craig a few pieces that put a huge smile on his face.  He asks for a pile of my business cards, gives me his mobile number and then precedes to tell me that 'back at the yard' they have approx. 70 tonnes of seasoned wood!!!  He's coming back in a week or so with some 200 year old Cedar of Lebanon, Ash, Beech, Lime etc. 

It felt really great to be bartering in a kind and friendly way, now both I and P1 Tree Services are satisfied and not a mention or a whiff of a penny nor pound in sight!