Wednesday, February 1, 2012

WOW Cover Honour

For those who are unaware there is a fantastic American site known as World of Woodturners (please note that the site is 'members only' so the link may not work). It features some of the best international and domestic talent within the craft.

Every other day a long serving member gets to select a piece to go on the website cover page.  I have had this honour before with a collaborative piece with Mark Sanger but forgot to take a screenshot.

I was and am pleasantly surprised to find that my 1st article project, Contemporary Scottish Targe, has been given the cover honours.

It is a great feeling to be accepted and welcomed into such a talented and forward thinking group of well practised and skilled turners and artists.

Although a bit selfish and conceited I couldn't resist posting a screenshot of the cover:

World of Woodturners - Cover Honour - 1/02/2012
Thanks to Bill Neddow for selecting my piece for the cover.

Thanks for visiting.

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